Slims Pork Chop Express


Liverpool today was bursting. And it was all because of the 3 Queens coming to the city. But all i could think about was food. And burger time. And Slim Pork Chop Express. I do love Liverpool food!

We got into town late, of course. After fighting through the crowds to see a small glimpse of the ships, we realised that it was no use and we were too late. So strolling back to Chavasse Park, we could see even better and it was much more chilled and enjoyable.

Soon, the topic turn to food, and we decided we were hungry. So a new place was on the cards.

We’re loved up with the Liverpool bar, Salt Dog Slims. It’s a fantastic place for drinks, fun and a bit of a different vibe than the rest of Liverpool. One of those quirky places, but not too much were you feel uncomfortable. Nobody got time for that. But, this great place also has a ‘BBQ and Smokes’ style restaurant just next door called Slims Pork Chop Express.

First impressions, you see a bar, which is always good news. But it’s a little bar that looks like one of the gangster movies. We witnessed so many gorgeous cocktails, some with spherical ice chunks, which we really enjoyed. It’s the little things!

Being only a small venue, we were taken upstairs by the lovely lady who served us. It seems like a really close knit team, who are up for the chilled vibe that works perfect.

Music: the oldies. And you are taken away from the house music and pop of today. It’s great.

With a hugh chalk board at the back, above the open kitchen it shows all the meal choices. Now, the menu isn’t vast, but it reminds me of that saying “Jack of all trades, Master of none” – but Slims is masterful.

I decided on a hamburger, with the boyfriend adding cheese and bacon to his, plus fries with some kind of beef topping. He’s a fussy one, so picked off all the salad.

It was yummy. It looks like nothing much, i thought that myself. But the burger looks like someone in the back only just patted it together. Served on a tray, with one long plate each, it was such an enjoyable meal.

We went in the day, quite early so i wasn’t starving, but the menu looked divine. If i went again, i’d be trying the corn dogs with mustard and ketchup – or the ribs – or the crunchy chicken. Oh it all looked nice.

Overall – it’s a little place with a chilled atmosphere, with great images lining the walls of what looks like staff. It serves up a small, yet great menu. It’s off the track, but worth the walk for the food, experience and still gets busy for a great atmosphere.



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