The Spa at Suites Hotel


I have never had an experience like this in my life. Yes, I can be as bold as to say that is true!

I was invited to The Spa at the Suites Hotel in Knowsley, and I got to bring along my fabulous Mother Blogger who was more than happy to accompany me.

Firstly, the staff are fabulous. Sue showed us around and made us feel at ease, and Debi who carried out my treatment was a dream! Very professional, very calming and very much a place that will be recommended to everyone who will listen.

I loved that before it all started, we were given a ‘The Spa’ robe with flip flops and our own locker in a dressing room that was perfect for pampering. Take a look in the video below! This made us feel all warm and fuzzy, ready for relaxing. We were also welcomed with a coffee to warm us up after coming in from the cold.

The Spa Suites Hotel - Liverpool Bloggers

We were treated to a package called the ‘Suites Seventh Heaven’ treatment that is usually £69 per person. As I mention in my video below, it is 100% worth every penny. The in-depth treatment lasts for 1hour and 25 minutes and it’s the most relaxing time of your life. Starting on your back, moving to your legs, then on to the front of your legs and then arms, and then your face – it’s indescribable. I’m planning a return – 100%!


“Let us take you on a sensorial journey with our seven rituals to heaven! These rituals include:- Welcome Foot Ritual, Body Brush, Prescriptive tea tree and willow leaf peel off mask , Coconut Tranquillity Scalp Massage, Application of Nourishing Body Moisturiser, mini Facial and finished with an awakening peppermint Foot Ritual.”

One of my favourite places was the Relaxation Suite; a dimly lit room full of luxurious beds. It’s a place where you can only whisper as to not disrupt the atmosphere, and a place to relax. It was beautiful. We were also treated to chocolate covered strawberries and champagne here after our Seventh Heaven was sadly over. It was such a dream! In the Relaxation Suite, you can have as much tea, coffee, pure juice, water and the rest – as its all included when you head into the room. The upgrade is the bubbles and strawberries, which I would recommend! I could have stayed in this room for a lot… a LOT longer.

The Spa Suites Hotel - Liverpool Bloggers


Moving on from here, we visited the Thermal Spa Suite. This is a blue infused room that keeps you toasty and warm. I particularly enjoyed the heated lounges that you could sleep on forever, and the foot spa – one jacuzzi warm, one jacuzzi cold to pamper those toes. We spent time in here nattering over the amazing treatment we’d just enjoyed.


You also get access to the leisure facilities, which includes a fully equipped gym, pool area, jacuzzi and another pool that is perfect for those pregnant ladies. It looked great, but after our pampering – we wanted to keep on our lotions and potions for along as we could!

The restaurant area is great too, because it’s exclusive to the Spa customers. You can go in your robe and flip flops and enjoy an alternative afternoon tea of mini burgers and salt & pepper chicken. Delicious and comfy!

We arrived for our treatment a little before 10am so we could be shown the spa, and we were checked in until 2pm. Out of all my blog posts, I can say that this one I would wholeheartedly recommend. We’re planning to go back for Mama Blogger’s birthday with my two sisters, because I know they will love it so much.

It’s a gem for the city of Liverpool; a magical bubble of relaxation that you need to explore.

Thank you to the team at The Spa @ Suites Hotel – it was an experience I will not forgot.

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