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So when you say: “You’re going to be locked in a room for 1 hour with your other half. You have to work together to find the clues and Breakout…” – I was dubious. I’ve wanted to try this game in the city centre since I heard about it in my first year of Journalism. I actually interviewed the guys for one of my first published stories. But when you’re actually faced with the prospect of being trapped in a room, Breakout Liverpool pulls out all the stops.

You may be reluctant. You might not get it. But honestly, it’s been one of the best and most interesting nights The Boyfriend and I have had while scoping Liverpool. It’s not the norm; and I like that.

We were greeted by the grinning face of Jake, who knew exactly what we were in for. I scanned the waiting room, and spied locks on the wall – a little teaser for what was to come. Jake went through the rundown of what we were to expect and we were soon led into a room that we would become familiar with over the next hour…

Liverpool Bloggers - Breakout Liverpool Liverpool Bloggers - Breakout Liverpool

If you don’t know already, Breakout Liverpool is a Live Escape Game Room based on Sir Thomas Street. Between a team of 2 to 5 people, you have 60 minutes to escape a locked room by finding clues and solving the puzzles. Sound easy? Think again.

There are a few rooms to choose from, with different difficulty ratings. We went for WANTED:

“Wanted is a wild west themed room. Your quest in the room is to escape but you have two choices and ways to escape. Which side will you take, will you save the day as a cowboy or an Indian? Depending on your choice you will face different tasks and puzzles to complete. Which path will you take?”

We took the Cowboy side, because the odds were more in our favour as a newbie to this type of thing! Apparently it has around a 50% success rate, with the Indian side boasting only 8% chance of escaping. I think we’ll play it safe on this one…


Decision made, we enter a room that is setup like a saloon in the old Wild Wild West. Jake tells us the scenario and then we’re left to our own devices with the door swiftly snapping shut behind us.

With the prospect of not knowing where the hell to start, you’re absorbing the room and all its features. I’ll tell you there are padlocks, clues, red herrings and more. The room gets you pumped and the adrenaline kicks in as the time runs lower and lower.

So, how did we do? WE BROKE OUT! With 2minutes 21seconds to spare. Oh yes! The feeling of absolutely “YESSSSS!!” is overwhelming, and I’d have been ultimately devastated with a loss. The door swung open as we hit our target after having drained the room of all its clues.

Surprisingly, our relationship remains intact. If you’d of asked me before, I thought one of us would have lashed the other one before the end – but no. We worked together and beat that Cowboy-butt!

Would I recommend this? 100%.

Honestly, we couldn’t stop talking about it. And I can’t stop telling people about it now, but not wanting to spoil anything I have to keep all the good stuff to myself! It’s a fast paced, mind boggling, tense and tantalising time that will take you out of your comfort zone.

It’s not drinks, or food, or the norm night in the city. People want excitement these days, and I think with Breakout Liverpool, you’ve found it.


Liverpool Bloggers - Breakout Liverpool Liverpool Bloggers - Breakout Liverpool


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