3 Mistakes I Made My First Week in PR


The 3 Mistakes I made my first week in PR

– Don’t delete your emails, especially the sent ones!

I’m such an organiser, and hate clutter. Why do i still need that email? No i don’t – delete. Oh Steph, did you send that email? What did they say again? Awful, awful. Keep your emails, you can always refer back and confirm names, numbers, times. If there are any problems, you have the reference. Don’t be a tidy-monster like me.

– Check, check, leave it, check again. THEN send. 

Already, i’ve seen myself sending emails and i’ve spelt things wrong. Either auto correct has changed the sentence completely, i’ve been rushing about being a plonker or i’ve just not checked enough. It looks SO unprofessional and i hate myself already for doing it. From now i’m checking, checking – going off the page for at least minute – coming back. Professional image is everything!

– Attachment. What attachment?

“The Press Release is attached” – No it’s not. Remember what you’re saying and what you’re sending. People know you’ve already dropped the ball. Do they need pictures, have you sent the correct resolutions? What are the files named – because if it’s vague, they won’t find it. All these things need to be remembered. I’ve learned the hard way PR people!


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