You’re looking for a place to experience cultural cuisine, not just a quick bite. Something that’s special, with a touch of overseas charm. You’re looking for the awe-element that sweeps you off your feet. Then I think you can find all that in the beautiful, Chaophraya Liverpool.

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Most restaurants apparently alter their menus every few months, however Chaophraya has waited 3 years for a big change. Sending their Thai Chefs back to their homeland, they’ve captivated the trends of a modern Thailand. With hands on experience, they’ve transported the delectable treats from the far away, and transformed them into dishes we can appreciate in our city.

I’ve visited Thailand, and I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the spiritual ambiance that surrounds you when travelling around the scenic lands. Being able to keep that link alive in Liverpool is something I really enjoyed about the whole ‘new menu tasting’ experience that we were invited to.

A cold brisk night brings us to the sultry lights of Chaophraya Liverpool at Chavasse Park. It feels like Christmas, if I can mention the word in October. We’re welcomed by the hostess, and lead to our seats next to the Koi Fish…

First thing to be noted about Chaophraya is the pretty setting you dine in. Surrounded by moody lighting, and classy furnishings – we’re calm and ready to dine.

A waitress walks past with the most extraordinary drink that literally grabs my attention. She notices my interest and sweetly comes over to point out which cocktail it was, and whirls away going to put our order in. Just look at this beautiful cocktail..


“MOCKINGBIRD In a Cage – Jinzu Gin, Maraschino, Pink Grapefruit Juice, Cherry, Soda”

I posted a picture to Instagram straight away. It was beautiful, and tasted just as good as it looked. The theatre of it all is something I loved, and a feature that makes a great talking point when telling people about the meal you’ve just had. “Oh yeah, I had this cocktail right…”

Moving on to the journey; you’re transported from dish to dish travelling a food heaven trip…

THAI CHICKEN TACOS: Red curried chicken finished off with coconut milk and served over lightly pan-seared rice flour tacos.

SOFT SHELL CRAB & SQUID TEMPURA: Soft shell crab and squid in a light crispy batter along with wing bean and asparagus tempura with chilli & lime avocado dip.

CHAMBER AGED SIRLOIN STEAK: Cook your own seared 8oz sirloin steak on a Himalayan rock salt block! Served with a tangy chilli dip alongside stir-fried shimeji mushrooms, onions and Bok chou. / STICKY RICE

YELLOW FISH CURRY: Whole sea bass baked with creamy yellow curry, potatoes, baby onion and Thai aubergines. / EGG FRIED RICE

I had the Chamber Aged Sirloin Steak, which was a great piece of meat that you literally cooked yourself. Bringing out a slab of Himalayan Rock Salt, you place your steak on and watch it sizzle until you get your perfect pink. It was again, theatre that tasted good. I was well impressed!

The finale was the Chocolate Bombe (which I didn’t get the please of eating all of as the other half order this one). A spherical wonder of chocolate is brought out, with a hot caramel poured on top to reveal the scrumptious treats inside. (Theatre…) It was beautiful, with touches of warm whiskey and sweetness.

Chaophraya have reinvented their menu, and created a food journey that Liverpool should experience. Attention to detail is mesmerising, and I look forward to an occasion that takes me back to the magical Thai world…

Liverpool Bloggers - ChaophrayaLiverpool Bloggers - ChaophrayaLiverpool Bloggers - ChaophrayaLiverpool Bloggers - ChaophrayaLiverpool Bloggers - ChaophrayaLiverpool Bloggers - ChaophrayaLiverpool Bloggers - ChaophrayaLiverpool Bloggers - ChaophrayaLiverpool Bloggers - Chaophraya



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