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I’ve never been to the Lakes, or to that region. It’s such a popular destination for people in the North West to go and take some time to remember the finer things in life; forgetting the woes and worries of reality. An email dropped into my inbox inviting me to come and try out a hotel based in Keswick (I pronounced it as Kez-wick, and was soon laughed at when I was told it’s more Kezzick). I was ecstatic, and booked us in for a night in The Highfield Hotel.

The drive didn’t take long, and the views were beautiful anyway, so it was a comforting drive. I can say that because I wasn’t driving – instead my main job was to keep Spotify on the go. We found the hotel pretty easy, because I’d already stalked the place on Google Maps, taking a virtual tour of our stay. Parking is a nightmare on the weekend in these areas, so it’s a fantastic advantage this hotel offers free parking with your stay.

First impressions were impressive. The traditional vibes seeped through the bricks, telling a story of their own. Standing proud, the building watches over the picturesque views in a timeless fashion. Walking up the stone path, we see a garden set outside, pre-empting a glimpse of sun. We reach the door, and we’re soon welcomed.

The video above shows this place in all it’s glory, but I’ll give you a little more info… Inside mirrors the outside; with traditional but luxurious features. We were booked in super quick and soon standing in our room, enjoying what we could see. A huge bed, lots of storage space – but the best as the huge bay window that brought in the beauty of Keswick right into our room. A ‘pitch and put’ golf site outside was a form of entertainment through that window. My second favourite was the kettle and a teapot in the room with a choice of Hot Chocolate, Coffee and Tea. It’s the little things! The bathroom was spotless, leaving us little toiletries that always make me happy.

Getting hooked up to the free wifi, and lashing our stuff in the room – we went down to dinner that was booked for 8pm. Sat in the lounge area, we were brought drinks and comforted with canapés. It was only a glimpse into the amazement that was about to unfold. Seated at our table, our food already picked – each course flowed fluently. But the best thing about this hotel was the food; I can promise you, it’s 100% up there with the best – if not THE best meal – I’ve ever had. So what did we eat?


Deep Fried Haddock Fishcake with Garlic Mayonnaise and Jalapeño Jam

Oven Roasted Scallops with Tiger Prawns and a Chardonnay Dressing

(Lemon Sorbet)

Liverpool Bloggers - The Highfield Hotel Liverpool Bloggers - The Highfield Hotel


Roast Long Fillet of Cumbrian Beef on a White Truffle Oil and Spring Onion Potato Puree with a Wild Mushroom Bacon Cream Sauce

Pan Friend Venison Haunch Steak with Dauphinoise Potatoes and Cinnamon Red Cabbage

Liverpool Bloggers - The Highfield Hotel Liverpool Bloggers - The Highfield Hotel


Rhubarb and Apple Cheesecake

White Chocolate Panacotta with Strawberry Coulis

(Cumbrian Rosted Filter Coffee served with Handmade Chocolate Fudge and Flapjack)

Liverpool Bloggers - The Highfield Hotel Liverpool Bloggers - The Highfield Hotel

I cannot praise this meal more. Everything was cooked to perfection, with heated plates when appropriate. The staff were aware of timings and presented everything in a beautiful manor. (The breakfast was just as special – with a fantastic choice of cooked options, fruit and cereal. We would always go for a full english, but here it was prepared so fresh…) I really liked how the hotel uses all local produce to fuel their food. I think this is the pinnacle point that made the fish, the beef, the sausages, the cream – everything so professionally perfect.

Once out of our food coma, we headed 5 minutes down the road for a little drink. It was lively, with old world pubs and shops lining the way. The next day we ventured here again, and stumbled across  a little fudge shop that caught my eye. Anything sweet, and I’m there. We bought the best fudge ever, and strolled around – discussing the food we’d had the night previously. We couldn’t get off the topic! We’re big on food, and this hotel provided a meal that will go unchallenged.

Our Highfield Hotel stay was a little break away from normality, and if you’re someone from Liverpool or the North West who enjoy the vibes that the area provides – I would recommend a stay here to any. I’ve already told my Mum and Dad they’re going at some point, because we need someone to share the awesomeness of that meal! The area of Keswick may not be for the younger audience, but it depends on your preferences. We’re a young couple who love nothing more than to take time away from the everyday hustle.

Our warm and welcoming room, the hardworking staff, the impressive views and the almighty menu meant our stay was a peaceful reminder of how the UK is still a great place to stay.

(All views my own. I was invited to visit the hotel with no obligation of a positive review)




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