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The Hippy Club

I do it all the time. Get bored with my hair and do something drastic. If you’ve seen me recently, then it’s a sure thing that each time I’ve been rocking a different hair colour. It all started around 2 months ago, where my quest for the Grey Sheen went full on. Ending up a little bit of a Green Tinge, I moved on to Blonde. After buying extensions to match, I changed my mind and went to Lilac. Once returning from a sunny break, the colour revealed the mess I’d left below and it gagged for some consistency when it came to choice of colour. That’s when I got in touch with Voodou Liverpool, and my hair transformed from the Frog to a Prince…

The Hippy Club The Hippy Club

Setup on Bold Street, the city centre salon boasts an established reputation in the city for being top quality when it comes to hair. What I think has crept under the radar of the beauty bloggers and beyond in this city, is the devoted hair extensions brand that accompanies Voodou on its quest for hair-domination. I’m talking about The Hippy Club, and I’m talking about the future.

Heading downstairs in the Liverpool salon, I’m welcomed by a retro vibe and bustling hairdressers of The Hippy Club. Different to other hair extensions on the market, Hippy Club appeals to the bohemian goddess with flowing locks. Created by hairdressers who understand how the natural hair falls and how colours combine – I know that the knowledge behind this brand is looking after me.

So, what process did I go through to get from this… to this.

The Hippy Club The Hippy Club

Meeting Louise was one of my favourite parts of the transformation. She welcomed me, and every other client of hers with a smile and a passion for seeking out what they were looking for with their look. Although busy in the salon, I really enjoyed how Louise would take the time to perfect everything. Someone who prides herself on her work, it was easy to see why this brand has grown so much. If a colour wasn’t blended exactly right – it was re-dyed. If a customer’s hair didn’t match up – it was changed. Nothing slipped past a certain stage if it didn’t match up to Louise’s standards. Sitting in comfort that I’d be looked after, I was next up to chat about my hair woes.

I’d just dyed over my washed out lilac (and various other colours) in my hair, and colours were coming through that shouldn’t be (see above!). She asked me what I was after, and I explained that although it was more or less dyed, it wasn’t a rich and consistent colour. She agreed, and whipped out her colour palette book, suggesting a toner to nourish and compliment my shade. Heading over to the hair wash station to get my treatment, I marvelled at how she flitted from person to person, offering her expertise and skill. Personal, yet professional is a fine balance that is executed in the most perfect way.

The Hippy Club

Chatting as my hair colour developed, I learnt more about Hippy Club and where it had all started. Not happy with the extensions on offer a few years ago, Louise decided she wanted to create something for the laid back client as opposed to the typically glamorous style.

Originating in Liverpool, this brand all started from the hard work developed on an iPhone. With top high street brands on the look out to take over the brand, Louise captivated its potential and has continued to grow with the collaboration of Voodou Liverpool as she branched out – and now has a floor in the store dedicated to The Hippy Club.

Scanning the room, my eyes fall on The Hippy Club branding on bottles, lotions and potions. Handed a dry shampoo, it’s another creation that makes complete sense. Reminiscing about a time at Glastonbury when dry shampoo was essential for Louise, she explains how when the rain poured, the dry shampoo turned into a paste on her hair. Not happy with this, and knowing she could do better, she developed Naked Hippy – the invisible dry shampoo.

The Hippy Club

Talking of festivals, that’s the plan for Hippy Club over the next few months. Touring and travelling around various festivals, they’ll be styling the stars as they hit the stage. One of the artists is actually here, sitting next to me. Jessie Scarlet, singer/songwriter/guitarist, who’s getting her hair and extensions primed for adventures on the road this summer.

The extensions themselves dry with movement, giving the ultimate hippy-boho carefree look. As the hair is natural, it can be styled just as I would my own hair. Perfect!

After quizzing and questioning, it was time to get my hair dry and see the extensions for myself. I’ve requested a long bob – or a lob, if you will – so it’s thickening my hair and adding slight length. Heading for the extensions, Louise makes sure they match my new hair colour, which now looks healthy and rich. The products used on my hair are by Redken, with a pillow proof two-day blow dry extender.

With knowledge in all different styles, it’s great to be able to talk about your lifestyle and a hairdresser suggest a certain way to have your hair applied. I opted for the LA Weave technique that is becoming popular. This involves small beads lining your hair and the weft of the extensions being attached to these. Applying the extensions was quick and easy. No bother and such a quick and effective transformation. After a chop of the locks, and a few blasts of hairspray – I’m complete.

The Hippy Club The Hippy Club

And don’t I feel wonderful! Nourished, dark, thick hair. It’s a Liverpool girl’s dream.

The Hippy Club

According to the leaflets provided by The Hippy Club, the professional range come in two lengths – 18″ and an amazing 25″ with each length available in 15 colours. Prices starts from £159.

Hippy Hair Peace is the clip in range, available in two lengths – 16″ and 22″ – available in 9 colours including Afro textures. Prices starting from £69.

Pop in and have a chat with the stylists for more information on what you’re looking for. Thank you The Hippy Club / Voodou Liverpool. You saved me!

Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more boho-inspo…

The Hippy Club



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