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So, we just landed home from the LplBlogEvent, organised by the lovely Jenny Dawson. Our first Liverpool Blogger Event! First off — and if this is the only thing you read, it was a fabulously intimate networking day with chances to sample brands products/services during the event and afterwards because of the high quality and ultimately FUN gift bags.

Liverpool Event

We want to talk first about the venue. Fruit and Fibres; a little niche café nestled away in the Baltic Triangle. After meeting the lady who works there, I can see she wants this space used and fulfil its potential. And it has MEGA potential. Mentioning that the place can be laid out as a photography background, or host as an event space – if you give her a fair offer for the time and space, she’s happy to accommodate. We thought this was a great personal touch, and a fantastic way of welcoming people without fear of a ridged price plan. She sold me some Buttons Bakehouse Cakes that we’ve taken home for the family – and they look divine. A really wholesome, and welcoming family venue that I would love to visit again.

On to the food here that was served up mid-event. DELIGHTFUL AND YUMMY! Little bangers and mash in an individual pie might have been my favourite. The menu offered veggie choices, fish, meat and the standard egg butty. I loved it, and only wished the plates were bigger! Thank you for being wonderful hosts! Serving coffee, tea and biscuits throughout the day kept us bloggers going. Thank you again.

Moving on to the big event. It was a BIG event – that nearly didn’t fit in the room! But once it all settled, it worked perfectly. The intimate setting made for close interactions with bloggers and brands. On my table was the lovely Samantha, Alisha and Alcione – we had a laugh, especially making those bracelets that I’ll come on to  — talk about pressure! So glad we met them, and we enjoyed our tables atmosphere!

Starting with My Showcase, they introduced gifts, bits and bobs that would catch eye. Andrea Mason, an Independent Stylist spoke with me for a while about the products and the brand, and I was sold. As a seller for My Showcase, she obviously makes her money here. We love this idea of non-pressured selling with no targets, and the freedom she seems to have with her job and ultimately selling quality products to people looking to pamper themselves or others.

Liverpool Event My Showcase Liverpool Event My Showcase

Stella and Dot, a jewellery brand that specialise in being the middlemen of luxury items at affordable prices. We loved the reversible pearl earrings that had an edgy and sophisticated look in one. The products all seemed to have a few ways to wear them, to change it up and make it fresh each time, which is what I liked.

Liverpool Event Stella and Dot Liverpool Event Stella and Dot

Lush took everyone’s attention with Megan, PR Manager hosting the talk and a skincare session on one of the bloggers from my table. The products at Lush NEED to be spoken about more in the North West, because I’ve never really taken notice of how good they are. Bloggers now want something quirky, organic, affordable and non-harmful to those little furry animals. And Lush provides this. I’m actually planning my next visit to the store to pick up more bits after the great samples at the event.

Liverpool Event Lush Liverpool Event Lush

Motives Cosmetics makeup was one that stood out to me. We love make up, and would love to be able do it to a high standard. So when we seen Hannah from Motives Cosmetics showing off the brand bits and bobs, we were hooked. That eye palette is to die for, and the brow kit of course. Brows are the ‘be all, and end all’ in Liverpool. We’d love to get more involved with this brand…

Liverpool Event Motives Liverpool Event Motives

Our favourite brand at the event was actually a crystal jewellery store – found here on Instagram, called Noctua. We bought a crystal necklace for £5 and she threw in a crystal for under my pillow to keep me calm after my busy mind won’t stop. We believe her name was Brittany, and she opened her store at the age of 15. She’s now 19, and happy with her business. It made us envious, and confirmed that I need out of my 9-6 job that we don’t enjoy – this isn’t Liverpool Bloggers btw! Brittany brought us all a certain colour of beads that we chose pre-event in order to create our own piece of jewellery. What a fantastic idea, and we’ll be visiting her store online again soon.

IMG_8785 IMG_8765 IMG_8763

Jenny did an amazing job with the event. Sorting out raffle tickets, a charity donation table – we brought the Sex and the City box set + Kurt Guiger pumps, we wonder who got these?! – Here, you could leave anything to be sold at whatever price. We just grabbed a Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter – always a good’en. They raised at the very least £100 for the charity – “The Choir with No Name.”

Liverpool Event

The gift bags were what we were all eyeing up – c’mon let’s admit it! A blogger loves something to review and get involved with. This is what I got in my little haul, that I will be using and reviewing – so thank you to all the brands who got involved!

This is the end of this post, but we’re going to be sampling ALL the goodies and getting back to you with the Liverpool Bloggers opinion! We can’t wait for the next Liverpool Blogger Event in the city – go Liverpool!




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