The Pheasant Inn

Boyfriend’s Quote of the Blog: “I give it a strong 4 and a half feathers at the minute…”

Heading out was an ordeal, purely because it was the evening before Storm Doris decided to come out and play and something was brewing. We were in need of comfort food that delivered in each and every way. And we got that at The Pheasant Inn.

I’ve been here before for one of their Sunday Roast Dinners, and even then the place was a memorable one. But since they’ve just recently refurbished and welcomed a brand new menu, I was more than happy to accept an invitation to try the place out again!

Nestled in outskirts of fields and country roads, you’re faced with the quaint and comforting Pheasant Inn. With what looks like would be a spectacular beer garden outside.

Walking in, you’re greeted with warmth by both staff and venue. A big purposefully old fashioned yet modern bar showcases its stock of beverages and the seats are ordained in perfectly mismatched patterns. It’s comforting and familiar in a way you can’t describe.

We’re seated in between the window and a roaring wood log fire that creates a romantically relaxing and toasty atmosphere that wholeheartedly reflects nothing of the madness outside the window as the storm grows wilder. We’re snug, and ready to eat.

What’s on the menu for us tonight included:

Pan Fried Tiger Prawns with Garlic and Parsley Sauce

Slow-Cooked Pork Belly and Seared Scallops with Pancetta and Thyme Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans tossed in Apple Butter and an English cider and mustard sauce

Golden Chocolate Bomb with Warm Sticky Toffee Sauce and Caramel Ice Cream

The menu itself was one of those where you do NOT know what to choose because it all sounds so good? One of them. There were so many choices, but I think the ones we went for were beautiful. I had Smoked Beef Rib that melted off the bone, covered in a gravy-like sauce with a touch of wine – it was gorgeous. The quality of the food was sky high, and nothing compared to what you would associate with ‘pub-grub’. The Pheasant Inn is delicate and creates food to enjoy, not just to fill.

That chocolate bomb was also mine. With the sprinkling of warm indulgent toffee sauce revealing the prize of caramel ice cream surrounded by the newly melted chocolate. What more do you want from a  dessert?

We were served by a lovely fella’ called Darren. He was more than helpful throughout the night, even with training new staff. Now that must be daunting! It made waiting for a few things a little slower, but it made complete sense – if I was new, that would happen too.

The Pheasant Inn is a cross between the warm-hearted pub location everyone wants to find with the roaring fire by your side, mixed with up market menus that excite and deliver with each course.

Thank you. You made our evening battling the storm 100% worth it.


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