Archie’s Liverpool

Think Pink. Think all things American. And think all things sweet. And what do you have? A corner in the city centre who knows how to please when it comes to burgers, shakes and waffles. What d’ya know… we ended up at Archie’s…


Walking in – I was stressed. NOT because of Archie’s, but because traffic had been hell to me, and parking hadn’t been much better. So I was all flustered when I met with Imran; who welcomed me and settled my jitters straight away by offering us a plate of chicken wings and seat to chill out on. BBQ chicken wings, may I add..

The place was buzzing. Downstairs with a more “take-away” vibe, with us being lead upstairs to the seating area that had a feel of restaurant and fast food mixed up in a candy cotton pink swirl. And I loved it.


It felt comforting, yet totally new. A concept that everyone seems to enjoy – the American diner feel, yet no one as of yet, I feel, has gotten it quite right. Now, with Archie’s – there is a middleman.

The staff were great, bringing us over our wings and drinks first. That BBQ sauce was something special, leaving me tingling for the next course. I chose the “Amigo Star” burger that featured a fresh hand made beef burger, with crunchy tortillas, jalapeno peppers, melted American cheese, onions, lettuce, Cajun mayonnaise and salsa sauce. Oh yes!

The boyfriend – who is loving all this food by the way!! – Went for “The Good Burger” that involved two charbroiled beef patties, served with two slices of American cheese and all the salad to go with… And not stopping at the burgers – oh no, we went for hot cheese crinkle fries and chilli cheese fries. Heaven ain’t the word people.

Archie's Archie's

If you’ve been to America, it seemed like the equivalent to an In ‘N’ Out Burger – which are top notch. It had that American feel to it all the way through, adding to the experience of this yummy food.

Starting to feel a little full, Imran had more surprises in store. Ordering us shakes, we went for “Dirty Bit” that included Nutella and Strawberries – my ultimate favourite! And the “Oreolicious” – self-explanatory. We had these alongside the burger treats and they were honestly so tasty….


What I discovered moving through the courses is that you could come here and get a quick shake, or maybe a burger, or you can go all out and do what we did – and add a waffle at the end. “Daim that’s Good” with crushed Daim bars, Toffee Sauce and Cadbury’s Flake. Freshly made. We were done. We were written off. And it was totally worth it.


As I say, you could come here and grab a shake. You could come for pudding and dig in to those waffles. You could come for a full on meal like we did, and have a tasty meal that doesn’t set your purse on edge. We loved the welcome we got from the Archie’s team, and I was already on my phone before we’d finished telling people about the place. Burgers, shakes, waffles and a whole lotta’ pink? It’s my DREAM!

Archie's Archie's



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