VIDEO: Heading To Hogmanay…


I wrote this post last year, so here is my one year throwback video. This year I’m heading to Belfast – so look out for the Liverpool couple lost in Ireland! 

“I finally fulfilled one of my bucket list ambitions, to head off to Scotland and watch those beautiful fireworks light up the sky over Edinburgh Castle. Memories are something that I cherish, and I’d rather make memories with the people I love than anything else. Being able to welcome in the New Year with my boyfriend of coming up to 7 years, has been one of my all time highlights in my life…

Edinburgh is a beautiful place, and exudes an electric vibe that attracts a positive lifestyle. Walking the streets, you can see the merge of modern and ancient mixing together to create a cosmopolitan of a city. With an abundance of places to eat, shop and drink of course – it’s a place that we left our stresses behind and enjoyed doing absolutely nothing.

New Year is a special one for me. I’m a real believer of welcoming in the year ahead, and attempting to make those changes we’ve wanted to all along. The pessimists may say “Oh you only break it anyway…” – which may be true. But why not have a go, and if one thing sticks one year, then isn’t that a bonus? Last year my New Year Resolution was to save up for a car. And i did. So that’s one for the record book. I think that push to do something can spur great things from people, and give them that motivation that they’ve been waiting for all year.

Above is my trip to Edinburgh, and it reminds me that with an idea can become a reality if you want it enough. Hogmanay was a concept that I never thought would come true a few years ago, but it has. And it was more magical than I imagined.

I hope you have the best 2016, and it’s as magical as can be!”





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