Top 5 Blogger Organisation Tips

If you hadn’t noticed, Liverpool Bloggers is pretty much my life now. And I love it! But yes, it has taken over. Emails, website, mailings, social media and more – there is never a slow moment when it comes to creating this brand. So I’m sharing my secrets with you; the network.

Liverpool Bloggers - Blogger At Work2Organisation is something I love. If you know me personally, then you’ll know that it makes me really-super-duper happy when things are neat, tidy and planned to precision. With Liverpool Bloggers, I learnt quickly that organisation was key. I believe it’s the personalised approach and no back and forth palaver that people like about Liverpool Bloggers – the brand.

How do I keep up with it all? It’s all my gadgets and gizmos that I’m going to share with you now. If you’re not the organised type – it might work for you. But if you’re lacking in something for your blog, then try out a few of these – it might just help you out.



A Diary

Good, old school diary. Pen and paper, it actually still exists! And it seems to be ever popular with bloggers. I have an A5 size diary with a certain pen that writes perfectly, and I update this daily. I make sure everything from meetings, to scheduled posts, to dentist appointments is in here. It’s a solid foundation that I can carry around and refer to at any time.

Phone Calendar

Okay, so I have two diaries. I also add everything to my phone because it’s on me all the time. But this leaves it susceptible to a dead battery, which is why I have my paper-diary assistant. Never an excuse to miss something or schedule too many things! I update everything daily, and make sure that is updated in my paper diary. I told you I was organised…

Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheets are my friend and I like to use them when it comes to making lists. I separate them into their own columns, and sheets – it’s an enjoyable process. While organising the Blogger Events, I lived by Spreadsheets ensuring everything is ticked off and accounted for.

Apple Notes

I literally have a million on the go. With everything from a life to-do lists, to my incomings and (mega-non-realistic) outgoings. I have plans, I have ideas, I have a dream shopping list. These notes are my mind in cyberspace.


This scheduling is my favourite thing. You can add a few profiles on the free version, but it’s really affordable to upgrade to their awesome package. I can see everything here; past posts, future posts, responses and more. It keeps social media really organised and I’d suggest using it if you don’t already. I’m always on social media anyway, as I believe social should be social. But for posting at set times, or sending out generic tweets to remind your followers of a blog post – it’s perfect!

So what is your top tip for being organised? I’d love to know, because you know – there is never too much organisation in my life! Get in touch on the #LIVBLOGGERS Twitter or Facebook – or my personal Twitter.



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