Top 5 Liverpool Coffee Shops (That Serve A Mean Hot Chocolate Too)

Is he whiff of coffee is more likely to get you out of bed than bacon? Then this post is for you. Not only do you crave it, but one cup a day is not nearly enough. If you could have it on a drip, you’re not ashamed to say. Am I right here? I’ve been looking into the best places to get your daily fix.

I’m a chocolate lover. Always have been, always will be. And I love that coffee shops in Liverpool some up some of the meanest and damn-right delicious sweet treats.

So here is your guide to Liverpool Coffee Shops that not only whip up a good flat white or latte but they’re also brimming with character, pizzazz and some chocolatey heaven.


Gourmet Coffee, Exchange Flags

With a name like that you expect quality, especially in the business district where you’re sure to get the top critics. Any workaholic will appreciate a good coffee so with that location you have to get it right. Luckily this coffee shop does fit the bill and gourmet is without a doubt what you get. I’m even guilty of trying their NUTTELLLA Hot Chocolate…that’s right you heard me. Heaven in a cup is all I can say.

Gourmet Coffee


Rococo Coffee House, Lord Street

You’re probably wondering how many times you’ve walked through the town centre and never spotted this hidden gem! It’s above you as you shop in an upper floor of Lord Street, perfect for people watching if you manage to bag a window seat. The coffee is spot on too, whether you fancy some cake or a sandwich to go alongside, it’s a great place to do lunch with friends or co-workers.


Root Coffee, Hanover Street

This place is the one to head towards when town is looking too busy to handle. Nestle up a side street, you’re out the way of the bustling streets. Welcoming specialty coffee and that hipster vibe for cool people who work on laptops all day, it feels like the independent version of Starbucks. I mean that in the best way. They temper their coffees and brews to the ultimate temperature. One to head to!

Root Coffee


Moose Coffee, Dale Street

If it’s breakfast time, this is the place to be. But be warned, this coffee shop can attract a queue of equally fanatic caffeine addicts. If you’re lucky enough to get a seat, make sure you get a stack of their pancakes to go with your morning coffee. You can thank me later.


My Number 1 = LEAF, Bold Street

The place was designed to offer tea lovers a contemporary space to enjoy the nations favourite drink (with 40 loose leaf teas to choose from!). I love the diversity of people it attracts, it’s the ideal place to meet with work colleagues but equally suitable as a hang-out location with friends or family. They have great night events on too; we went to see Ukebox here not long ago. Whether its lunch at 12 or drinks at 1am, LEAF positively suits any occasion and what’s more you can always guarantee a buzzing atmosphere whatever the time. The best thing in whole entire world is here. WHITE HOT CHOCOLATE. And I mean the good stuff. If you have ever taken a recommendation, take this one.


Where is your favourite in Liverpool? Let me know so I can go an try!


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