Top 5 Tips if you’re heading to Vegas

Liverpool Meets Las VegasWe’ve just finished watching the Freemont Street lights and we’re going to grab a slice of pizza. We meet a man dressed up in a nappy sporting a horrific Donald Trump mask, a cowboy lap dancer and a woman making flowers out of string.

Have you had the Vegas experience?

It’s one to remember. But this having been my second time back to the City of Sin, I’ve got the ‘Top 5 Liverpool Meets Las Vegas Hotspots’ that me and the family loved this time around.

  1. Nine Fine Irishmen

Nine Fine Irishmen is a pub in the New York New York Hotel, which is my personal favourite of all the hotels. If you’re in Liverpool and you think of the older style pubs, it has that vibe – but on a more modern scale. Plus, you’re still inside the NYNY Casino, so you’re never too far from the slot machines and the vibrant lights. Why I like it in here so much is that each and every night from 9pm, they host LIVE Entertainment. It’s an intimate bar, with not many seats so getting there early always pays off. But it’s a busy gaff; standing might be your option but it’s worth it to get involved with the entertainer.

TOP TIP: Go there earlier on in the day for a bev. That way, you’ll be given a receipt that waves your entrance fee if you’re heading back later on to watch the LIVE Entertainment after 9. You were going to get a drink anyway, so you might as well save some wonga and not pay to get in.

Liverpool Meets Las Vegas

  1. Mon Ami Gabi

The fam were recommended this by a friend, and I’m now passing on this gem to you. Head to Mon Ami Gabi for your evening meal one night, preferably before you’ve been able to see the Bellagio Fountains in full swing in the shadows of nightfall. It’s a French Bistro, but Steak and Chips is what you need to be ordering. I’m not lying; it was the best I’ve ever had. EVER. Finished off with a Crème Brulee, my night was heaven. The food doesn’t even make this place the best part! It’s the location (as well as the fit steak – get the one in peppercorn sauce. Oh I’m drooling again). A patio seat means you’re lead out to the front of the restaurant and you’re welcomed by the beautiful lights of the strip. Siting in the warm night air, it’s perfect. An extra touch is that you’re sitting directly facing the Bellagio, which means you get to see the Fountains many times without the crowds. It’s an amazing spot with a memory I’ll always treasure. The view is indescribable while eating that scrummy food with top quality service.

TOP TIP: Head over to Mon Ami Gabi early evening, just as the sun is starting to set and go to the line that is requesting patio seating. You’re more than likely going to be waiting for a table, but you can go in the Casino while you wait – so just make the most of it. The later it gets in the evening, the longer the wait.

Liverpool Meets Las Vegas

  1. Serendipity

Serendipity 3 is a magical place made for all those who like the ‘girly’ things in life. With a vibe of Dr Seuss meets Blogger Interior Designer, it’s a place that just makes me so happy. You need to go here for breakfast, but plan it maybe the first morning if possible – you DON’T want a hangover and not be able to eat, because honestly, I’ve had that heartbreak before. What you want to start off with is a Frozen Hot Chocolate. Yes, I said that. It is deliciousness that you’ve never experienced served up in a martini glass. Second, you need to choose out of everything amazing on the food menu. If you have about 10 things that are all divine, I don’t know how to make that choice – but you’ll have to.

TOP TIP: The plates in here are no joke. It’s an American size portion in all its glory. Father Blogger of mine can eat anything; it’s just not natural. But between 4 adults, we ordered 3 plates of food and there was still a little left at the end. See how hungry you are, but definitely evaluate the sharing option. OH – and the Balsamic Strawberry and Waffles are a work of genius.

Liverpool Meets Las VegasLiverpool Meets Las Vegas

  1. Caesar’s Palace

Shopping is always a Liverpool favourite. Surely we’re known for it? So head to Caesar’s Palace, not the mall. Strange, I know but here you’ll find some shops that you can actually buy things in. I mean, Tiffany & Co. is my hunny-bunch, but maybe when I’ve won a few more on the Roulette Wheel. Abercrombie & Fitch had a sale on, and I bought the most fabulous denim skirt for about $11. YES! It’s a winner. Remember to walk about because when you first walk in, you think that’s it. But there is another set of escalators at the back that sends you on your way to even more shopping fun.

TOP TIP: Go STRAIGHT to Lush. Why? Because it’s actually EMPTY! I love Lush, but so does the entire City of Liverpool. If you want to actually look at everything, try things out and not be in a flow of people like a whirlpool – you’ve found your Lush Haven.

Liverpool Meets Las Vegas

  1. Roulette Wheel Game

Lastly is a little tip from me about betting if you’re a complete newbie like me. I don’t do betting, but obviously in Vegas I’m jumping on it. I didn’t really understand the whole concept of the game when you rock up to the table, and some people are playing with hella’ chips. What I’d say is find the Roulette Wheel that has the actually wheel in the middle, but you can play on your own using the computer screen. It’s so much fun, and takes the pressure off if you’re not too sure. It lets you be in more control also, as Father Blogger found out when he was playing Black Jack and both he and the dealer mysteriously had the Queen of Diamonds… fix much?

TOP TIP: Betting means free drinks. If you’re sitting at a machine, mostly during the night, then the girls will come over and offer you a drink. Take it, because it’s free! Just make sure you tip, and you’re sorted.

(Obviously the below isn’t the Roulette wheel, but you guys get the jist)

Liverpool Meets Las Vegas

Vegas is a place that you accept the strange, because it’s weird and wonderful. You can make Vegas any experience you want; it has so many entertaining avenues that welcomes eager sinners back for more.

I could go on for pages, but you want the good stuff if you’re from Liverpool. Are you heading to Vegas, or have a Vegas post floating about your blog? Tag @liv_bloggers on Twitter because I wanna’ see what you think!

Liverpool Meets Las Vegas

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Liverpool Meets Las Vegas Liverpool Meets Las Vegas Liverpool Meets Las VegasLiverpool Meets Las Vegas


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