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We’re off to Amsterdam! Well, we just got back and it was fabulous. Liverpool lads and gals are known to jet off to the city of sin regularly, but honestly – it’s a place of beauty. If you go when there’s an event on, you’ll probably see everyone and their mate sitting in The Bulldog, but that’s why we love it. Here’s our top 5 list of things you should be doing when you land in Amsterdam.



If you’re planning on making the trip to Amsterdam, i’d say pack in the diet and gym routine (if you’re luck enough to be following them) because as soon as you see the waffles in the windows – that ship has sailed. I just can’t decide which i liked more – the Nutella covered one, or the white chocolate one. NO – i can’t cope, my mouth is actually watering as i write this! Not only are hot waffles that make you die and go to heaven available on every street corner, but there is an abundance of restaurants and quick pick up bites that are sure to keep you satisfied. We hit a place called James’ Place i believe it was called on the front by the Sex Museum, and had a cracking breakfast here! Plus the Irish Pub which is right next to the Hard Rock Cafe fuelled a huge ribs and chips meal that went down a treat!


After the short flight from Liverpool to Amsterdam, we were still ready for a nap. As always in our group, food and sleep are main priorities. Hopping off the plane, you’re in the train station as well as an airport – which is great! We asked at the desk which way we should be heading, as i had looked beforehand and knew we needed a train and a tram (NOTE: Find your hotel on Google maps before you leave. I’ll add the apps i used at the end). Reaching the desk, we spied a 3 day pass for 25euros. This was the best buy of the weekend, having landed the Friday and planning our return on Sunday, this pass would fuel our huge expedition of Amsterdam. Plus, it would keep us from being lost in the city as there is always a tram line nearby. The two trains out of the station would have cost 6euros – meaning 12 euros for the return. We’re already half way there for spending, so this card is honestly a great little gadget to have to see the city.


You may not want to walk down Liverpool One with a selfie stick getting snaps with your mates, but feel free to whip that selfie stick out and get many a-photo with your buddies in Amsterdam. You are the tourist here, so lap it up and give in to that stereotype. One place we loved using our selfie moves was by the IAmsterdam logo, which is near the Museum Quarter. It’s a great big sign, and we had a laugh getting photos by all we could. It’s a great little memory to keep with you – plus, it’s a laugh using the selfie stick.


We all know that people go to Amsterdam to immerse themselves in their culture which is so different to ours. First i’ll start with the drinking. We went for a cheap option of Heineken and drank this on draft for the weekend. The Heineken tour is meant to be a great one, but we weren’t feeling it. On the saturday night, we were feeling risky, so decided to buy a bottle of wine from The Bulldog. It was actually really nice! We stayed in The Bulldog near Leidseplein Square for the first night, which is quite big. Then moved on to the big Bulldog near the Red Light District. Here, there is three in a row, plus a souvenir shop. One is a tiny coffee shop which is usually rammed, another is just a cafe (no smoking!) and the last is the one we stayed in. It looks like a tine room when just glancing in, but it’s the hotel foyer – and walk through to see the room open up to a great bar, pool table, TV’s, drinks and inevitably – smoking. We tried a few bits and bobs, but being honest – our group preferred getting blind drunk, which is probably just as bad. If you want to buy anything in this Bulldog, or the other by Leidseplein, you need to go outside and go downstairs into the coffee shop next door where there is usually a menu of bits and bobs. Most people are tourists – so just go with the flow. Always stay safe though, and as i’m posting this on the internet – it’s probably best to say be careful of rules and regulations at the time you’re travelling.


Sex Museum is a laugh with a group of mates, but man – some of it is grim! The photos just look PAINFUL. But, it was funny and one of the moments that i will remember. For only 4euros, it’s worth it. The other part everyone goes for is the ladies in the red light district. We went in the day, and you’ll think you’ve missed it because everything is closed up really. Go in the night to get the full effect, and it will be rammed with tourists. Some of them are gorgeous, and some……… well, not so much. As a group of girls, we were like, “Oh she’s dead pretty! Oh she looks like she’s had a hard life..” – along those lines. Seedy fellas everywhere, but it’s part of it. We took in the culture and it was great, it’s a must of Amsterdam!


Last but not least, all you’re going to do in Amsterdam is get lost – that’s the beauty of it! You find so many things that you never thought. But if you’re looking for apps to help you guide the way, here’s our Top 3:

#1 – Trip advisor

LOVE this app! It allows you to see what is worth a visit close to you, but we like it to see where the best restaurants are so we’re not missing out on top grub

#2 –

We used this to book, so they provided a free downloadable offline map that we used so much when wifi isn’t around

#3 – Rome 2 Rio

This allowed us to plan how to get from the airport to the hotel, with tram numbers and all. Big saver!



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