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I’ve never really been a huge music fan, and I know that’s strange for some people to hear. I don’t know why, but it’s a question that always seems to be asked – “What type of music are you in to?” And my reply is… “Erm, the charts?”

But I was recently reminded of a band close to home that I do really enjoy, and they’re one that everyone should hear. They’re called Ukebox, and they play Ukuleles.

I was reintroduced to them recently, playing their first gig back with all original material. I first seen these 5 lads down in Bumper on a spontaneous weekday night where they played “Stacey’s Mom”.

There’s a strange story behind why I think the ukulele is awesome. My boyfriend decided one day, “I want to play the guitar!” – so as you do, he thought – “Well, a ukulele is smaller and basically the same, so it must be easy to learn…”

How wrong he was. He went out, bought a ukulele, plucked a few strings and said “Ah no I can’t do it” and that was the end of that dream. As it happens, he then gave the ukulele to my niece for fun, and still wishes he could play it now.

So, when we saw there was a band on playing the ukulele, we had to attend! This was about 4 years ago, maybe? And still now, we love the idea of Ukebox.

5 lads began playing covers. Crazy In Love, Don’t Stop Me Now and the rest. I love these covers, and usually when people say “We’re going to play our own stuff now” – there is a slight huff of the crowd thinking, “But I wanna’ hear Bey!”

Not anymore. We heard about the gig through their Twitter feed, and saw they were coming back to the city in style playing at Leaf on Bold Street. Heading upstairs, it wasn’t just us looking forward to their return. The place was packed, so we found a speck right at the back in the centre just in time for the first song.

All the songs Ukebox played were honestly ones that I loved! No covers, just originals. It shows how talented these guys are. They had the whole room captivated, and I’ve seen similar in the past when new tracks haven’t been welcomed.

Introducing themselves, I had a sweet memory of them doing the same thing years before.

I heard they were at a friends wedding, and it’s my aim in life to invite them to play at mine. If they can teach my boyfriend at least one jingle, I think that would make him happy for life.

Looking forward to the next gig! Have you seen these guys play?

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