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When it first opened in Liverpool, the buzz was contagious. “Have you been to that new burger place? Arrrrr you need to go. It’s on Parr Street, and it’s called Almost Famous….”

So when we got an invite, and a Brand Project assigned to us to help the team grab some Liverpool Bloggers – we were ecstatic. With the mission to find some hungry writers, we sent out our email to the Blogger Network… and the response was phenomenal.

This made our job a hell of a lot harder having to choose which of the 5 bloggers would accompany us for cocktails and burgers in the popular Liverpool restaurant. We whittled it down these beauties:






… and once plans were arranged, and the drool was wiped away from checking up on the menu – we were ready to rock.

A Wednesday after work is usually not a time for cocktails, but this week is different. The bloggers are having a night off, and we’ve been offered a master class. Arriving in drabs, we finally all made it to the private upstairs bar. With a warm welcome from the hostess, and an introduction to our own bar man, Tim – the night was on.

Meeting the bloggers is always my favourite. Hollie was already enjoying her “Bitch Juice” Shot – and yes, we had to ask the name of this a few times before we realised he was actually saying Bitch – and she seemed a happy bunny to see me and Codie turn up. Codie had been waiting downstairs and hoping a fellow blogger would come and rescue her from being a lost lady. Soon after, Olivia and Jemma joined in the party, and Renee running in to catch up on cocktails and finalise the group. We were all here, and it was time to get to know the face behind the blog…

Nattering away, we educated Tim a little on what we were doing here. New to the whole ‘blogger-thing’ he welcomed our chats about what cameras were performing well; the endless charms of the blogger business; plus the ever popular – DON’T TOUCH IT, LET ME GET A PHOTO FIRST – became the norm around the group. We all clicked, and it’s safe to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the events left to come.

Tim prepared us a few Bitch Juice shots, and plus some vibrant cocktails that tasted like a whole lotta’ fun. As well as this, we each got to get behind the bar and prepare two cocktails each. This is always a good thing after you’ve had a little bit of alcohol and the conversation is non-stop.

DSC_0013 DSC_0023 DSC_0040DSC_0067

We were lucky enough to take advantage of the £35 cocktail package, which includes food, arrival drink from the menu and 2 Classic Cocktails. With the choice of smoky Tequila, a sweet JD concoction or a rum delight – it was fair to say, the choice was vast and welcomed.

My choice of a Bramble made me a happy blogger. Shaking and shimmying behind the bar, it was a great way to get us all involved and get to know each other that little bit more. What’s great about the Network is that we get to make that extra connection and meet the bloggers we speak to online.

After many drinks, photo opportunities and laughs with our new friend Tim, we were ushered downstairs by another bunch of friendly staff to enjoy the food of the evening.

Now after you’ve had a drink, a big fat juicy burger is exactly what you need. Sitting swapping stories of every sort – we ordered from the package menu. Choosing from a Famous Burger, the Triple Nom, River Phoenix or Brittany Murphy (veggie option) – we were TOO happy. Plus we scored a selection of winning fries and Bacon Bacon fries for the table.

You’ve never seen glee until you’ve seen 6 slightly drunk bloggers devour Almost Famous burgers.

I ordered the Triple Nom, which features Coleslaw and BBQ Pulled Pork. Literally just typing this, I’m slobbering. There are a lot of burger joints popping up, but Almost Famous got the good stuff. With those Bacon Bacon Fries to match, it’s heaven for everyone.

DSC_0093 DSC_0092 DSC_0089 DSC_0097

Although we were expecting this delight, one we didn’t expect was a visitor in the form of a blogger baby. Bringing along her baba, Renee’s little boy brought a smile to each of our faces and secured the idea that Almost Famous is place reaches all different audiences with ease and style. Thank you for introducing us to that ray of sunshine!


To say we were looked after is understated. From the hostess, to Tim, to the waiters who brought us those heavenly burgers – the service was a credit to Almost Famous.

With a lively atmosphere, even on a Wednesday evening the place was packed. From families, to couples … to little ones, and bloggers – all were welcomed to the big burger and Bacon Bacon fries bonanza. It’s got that fire that some places may lack in the city centre. It has that flare that others can’t find.

Thank you for making a group of bloggers feel Almost Famous. And Thank you to the bloggers who came along; hearing you talk about blogging in this city is truly inspiring and I hope to meet with you all again soon.

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