Why I really decided to step back from the network…

This post is my own. And it feels more than strange. For the past few months, I’ve been very confused about blogging but I think I have finally made a change that means I’m falling in love with blogging all over again…

It starts with this blog. Some people know the story of how ‘Liverpool Bloggers’ began, but if you don’t – here’s a quick run down.

Studying Journalism at John Moores, and I’m reaching the end of 3rd year. A girl in my year has her own blog; and it intrigues me. She gets to write what she wants, when she wants, and it’s her own personal outlet. I loved the idea.

Diving in, I create ‘Short Girl In Fashion’ – my first personal blog. Here, I experimented. I found out how hard it was to change from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, I realised that images sometimes don’t reformat sizes, I found out that a ‘widget’ is an actual thing and I discovered that there was a whole new world out there – but where was it in Liverpool?

Short Girl In Fashion

I obviously knew I wouldn’t be the only blogger. Blogging has crash-landed and taken over the planet. But it shocked me how hard it was to find Liverpool based bloggers, and how nothing really happened with brands in the city.

A few months went by, and I was still lost – so I impulsively created the Twitter handle “@liv_bloggers” and a website, forgetting about my personal blog. It was literally an overnight thing. I started the hashtag “#LIVbloggers” and began searching for city bloggers to follow me, so I could RT them. My aim was to throw at least one event to get a few bloggers together, and then make connections with brands so I could pass opportunities on to the bloggers too.

And I did it. The last 2 years have been just that. From nowhere, LIVbloggers were being found and they were hungry for the industry. It was so refreshing to meet like-minded people.

The last 2 years have taken me on the most amazing journey, and I’ve made friends with people that I met over the internet. How strange is that? But now it’s so normal. Reading someone’s blog, you get to know the real person. LIVbloggers gave us all an excuse to get together at events and do blogger-ey things, like stay on our phones all night without being called anti-social.

So why stop? It sounds great.

It was, and still is great. TOO great, and that’s why I’m stepping back. LIVbloggers don’t need me any more. The network has found each other and continue to spread the love around the city. Bloggers who thought they were on their own, now have blogger pals! Bloggers who had never attended an event are now being bombarded with emails from brands who want to work with them. LIVbloggers don’t need me to bring anything to them any more – because they are BLOGGER BOSSES all by themselves!

Liverpool Bloggers - Very Event

I’m so proud of every single blogger who has ever come into contact with me and my blog. I’m so GRATEFUL to everyone who supports the idea of being open to opportunities, so they can take you to places you could never even dream about. I’m so happy that the network has flourished, and that it has completely outgrew my own blog!

My next adventure starts here. I can go back to being a blogger… a true LIVblogger like everyone else.

Now I feel like I can blog about anything, and if it doesn’t fit in with the theme – who the hell cares?

So, this is the real reason why I stopped helping organise the network of LIVbloggers — they got too good. And I’m so happy you did! If you’re a LIVblogger and reading this: YOU ACTUALLY ARE AN AWESOME PERSON!

From now on, I write what I want and when I want…

I tweet from @stephbewley
I post photos from /liverpoolblogger
I talk on my YouTube Channel
I share on my Facebook page  /theliverpoolblogger
and I blog on the new domain of www.theliverpoolblogger.co.uk

I can’t wait for this next adventure. And I hope you stick around for the fun…

love always,


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