VIDEO: What Will We Be Listening To In 60 Years Time? Featuring The History Of The Cavern

What’s your favourite song at this moment in time? I’d have to say Ed Sheeran’s – Shape Of You. Killer.

But what will it be next week… what about next year… what about 60 years away, when the time comes that we look back and realise it was so long ago that we loved the music of our youth.

I was so happy to be one of the many to be invited to watch The History of The Cavern this week at the Philharmonic Hall. To be honest, my first thought was along the lines of… ‘Hmmmmmmmm’. An unsure scepticism. I soon changed my mind when I read who would be featured in the show. My mind changed from what I would enjoy; but to what someone else would enjoy – my Dad to be exact.

Now he wasn’t even born when The Cavern opened its doors, but I knew he had grown up with this music and still to this day loves his Thin Lizzy and Rod Stewart. I snapped up the invitation, and told Dad we were off out on a date.

Unsure of what to expect, we sat waiting for the stage to erupt. And it did. All kicking off at 19:57 to coincide with the opening year of the venue. Clever, ay.

The History of The Cavern on stage celebrated 60 Years of the Greatest Club in the World featured The Overtures, the UK’s premier 60s tribute band along with some special guests, including Freddie Mercury and Jagger.

Over the past 60 years, The Cavern has welcomed some of the music industry’s biggest names including Stevie Wonder, The Who, The Rolling Stones and Queen – as well as Liverpool’s very own Cilla Black and The Beatles.

What did I think of it? I thought it was actually magical! The Overtures captured the vibe of every band. They sang with passion and a self-assured confidence in channeling the past stars. I listened, and watched as the pictures scrolled over the screen showing Liverpool in Black and White. A different world. Screaming girls in their 70s flares and the fellas hairstyles growing longer as their admiration for The Beatles heightens.

Moving through the eras made me realise how much change has happened. Jesus, Donald Trump is now President of the United States – but a few years ago, you’d think that was some kind of sick joke. Which it is.

But looking back at simpler times made me and Dad chat about what seemed to work so much better in them days. The days everyone lived their lives in black and white. Children played in the streets; the cars no bother. Youngsters danced in the bars, and didn’t snapchat their night for the rest of the world. Families gather around the radio to listen to the Number 1 Single of the week, because how else would they find out? It’s a simpler time that has a charm and beauty.

The fact I was able to share this show with my Dad was my favourite part. Everyone else who attended the show all had that same look on their faces. Thinking back to different days. Is that what we’ll be like? But how much different will it be then.

I look back now and remember cassette players, while my Dad remembers vinyl. My niece will remember Spotify.

Thank you to everyone involved in this night, it opened my eyes to the old, the current and the future that awaits.

What do you think the future holds? Do you like the idea of living simply… everything is black or white? 



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